Labs can join iPhysicianHub Nationwide Healthcare Hub for free and update their free webpage so that the patients can easily find them and book lab tests online or through their patient mobile app from anywhere and anytime.

Whenever the labs are ready to transition their diagnostic facility to an electronic facility, they can sign up for EMO-iDiagnostics – a cloud-based Lab Information System (LIS) to manage all lab orders and results, including payments. Labs can also use patient reach-out services to promote new tests, discount offers, etc.

Also, labs can download the EMO-iDiagnostics app on tablets or mobile phones and book/confirm lab orders, send text reminders/notifications, collect payments, and print receipts. Labs can also upload the results and notify the patients to access remotely using their iHealth-Assistant app.

  • Lab Information System (LIS)
  • AppTest Orders, Reports, Online Payments
  • Connect with Doctors and Patients
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EMO-iDiagnostics App

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  • Manage Patient Flow
  • Telehealth Video-Consultation
  • Manage New/Existing Inventigation
  • Enter Investigation Result
  • Configure Investigation
  • Detailed Investigation Report
  • Test wise detailed report
  • Lab & Radiology mapping
  • Track Samples
  • Share Reports Online
  • Track Payments - Partial payments
  • Total due
  • Administration & Billing
  • Prefilled Pathology & Radiology
  • Report formats
  • Referral and Refer Patients Report
  • Patient Group
  • Send Reminders to Patient
  • Get Individual Departments
  • Financial Reports
  • Get Employee Wise Financial Reports
  • Get Patient Wise Financial Reports
  • Marketing through SMS Payment Integration

Why Choose iPhysician Hub


EMO-iDiagnostic App is a cloud-based Lab Information System(LIS) which is used to manage all Lab orders, results and online payments. This can also be used for patient reach-out services to promote new tests,discount offers.


By using EMO-iDiagnostics App medical staff ot the lab assistants can book or confirm the test orders .


Lab assistants or medical staff can download the EMO-iDiagnostics App and can view the test order, can also generate reports for the orders which are completed and send to the patients.


Once the Reports are generated, medical staff can also use the EMO-iDiagnostics app to make payments.

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