Any doctor or health care provider who joins iPhysicianHub can use multiple solutions and services including, My Network – to setup personal provider network, iSecure-Referral – to referrer patient to other providers and exchange patient documentation, Message – to exchange secure messages with other providers, e-fax – setup integrated e-fax number to securely send and receive faxes, Office-Text – to securely communicate via text with the patients and providers and reduce phone calls, Patient Dues – to post and collect patient dues via text messaging and online payment.

Provider Solutions and Services

My Provider Network

Doctors can add any licensed health care professional or a facility to their network and setup a personal provider network to expand their based and offer collaborative care services. With the changing patient care delivery model, it is necessary for all the physician practices and health care providers to transform their practices and stay connected to provide coordinated care. iPhysicianHub enables desired physician practices, hospitals, and other health care facilities to connect with each other through a secure HIPAA compliant physician network to form a local hub and to collectively offer patient centric services, including care coordination, continuity of care, etc.


Traditionally, when providers refer their patients, they use phone or fax to relay the request, but there is often no dedicated mechanism to track and manage the referrals. Related patient documents are usually copied and faxed, and when any results or reports are received, they are mailed or sent by fax. With iSecure-Referral, each provider can establish their own independent, secure mini-Hub to connect with all the providers they interact with and then seamlessly share the electronic files of mutual patients to better coordinate care.

Office-Text Number

With Office-Text, providers can securely communicate with their patients via text and be HIPPA compliant. As text communication is the most preferred form of communication, it’s important for any medical facility to have a dedicated text number to communicate with patients. Providers can select any available mobile number in their preferred area code and setup Text number for their facility. With Office-Text number, providers can securely receive and send text messages as well as send text reminders. This would substantially reduce the time spent on phones and make the staff more efficient.


iPhysicianHub is interfaced with e-Fax. Providers can sign up for e-fax number through and select any available fax numbers for their facility and take advantage of the integrated e-fax feature. Also, providers pay less by signing up for e-fax through iPhysicianHub and be HIPPA compliant.


Providers can securely exchange messages with other providers in the network with messaging.


As most of the patients have high deductible plans, with Patient-Dues providers can add or upload the patient list and the dues for each patient and securely communicate via Text. Patients will receive a link to make the payments online through Paypal, Health Savings Account, debit/credit card, Amazon Pay, etc., reducing the collection time. Also, both the providers and the patients can track the dues and the payments made.

Doctor/Provider App(s)


EMO – iClinic Download EMO-iClinic App so that you can receive patient information, appointment notifications and alerts, and communicate with the patients. You have the flexibility to use the app or the browser.

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