With the changes in patient care delivery and reimbursement models, it is necessary for all the physician practices and health care providers to stay connected and provide coordinated care to improve health and reduce cost. iPhysicianHub – a nationwide healthcare hub enables doctors, hospitals, and other health care facilities to connect with each other and exchange patient information to provide collaborative care.

Any healthcare provider in the US can sign up for iSecure-Referral to securely send and receive patient referrals. Doctors can send the referrals, including patient notes, rest results, reports, insurance details, etc. so that they have all the relevant information prior to the patient visit. When the referral is made the patients is also notified via text and email, including the providers name and contact details, to schedule the appointment.

iSecure-Referral greatly helps the doctors to provide better care as they have access to all reports, including prior test results, medications, health conditions, reason for referral, etc. Also, the doctors can reply and send notes back to the primary care provider as well as referring doctor so that they have complete information about the patient care plan for future care.

By using iSecure-Referral, apart from improving care, providers can help cut down the cost by eliminating duplicate tests and achieving better health outcomes through collaborative care.

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